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Sonata Brake Defect

Investigating Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe Braking System Defect

We are currently investigating a potential defect in the rear brakes of the Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe vehicles, model years 2006-present.  The investigation concerns whether the premature wear and replacement of the brake rotors and other brake components are due to a defective part in the braking system and whether this constitutes a breach of warranty on the part of Hyundai Motor Corp.  It is believed that due to the excessive and unduly long pressure brought to bear by the calipers and the inferior brake parts on the vehicle, the excessive and undue pressure resulting in premature wear of brake parts, such as rotors and brake pads.

Some owners/lessees have reported a grinding noise or vibration upon applying the brakes as early as 23,000 miles requiring replacement of the rotors and pads. 

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Public Comments about the Sonata Brake Defect:

Excerpt from the Edmunds Website Forum

"Somebody needs to contact Ralph. He's a man of the people. This is just crazy that we're spinning our proverbial wheels out here on Edmunds. How many complaints have to be posted out here before someone realizes there is a big problem? And again, do we need to wait until someone is actually killed to make sure the manufacturers do the right thing? ...." 


Public Comments about the Santa Fe Brake Defect:

Excerpt from the Website Forum
".......We talked to the department of transportation, safety enforcement regarding our 2007 Santa Fe brake issue. They told us they are going to see how many people may be having that problem and then launch their investigation into the BC dealership. They also advised us to notify the Better Business Bureau,....."
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